Sarah T

Adventure Programming Instructor

Born and raised in rural Vermont, Sarah developed an early love of the natural world.  After graduating college with a degree in art, she chose to work seasonal outdoor jobs, working as a vegetable farmer and landscape gardener.

Upon moving out west, Sarah fell in love with the expansiveness and access to wilderness, and found a true home. She wanted to combine working outdoors with mentoring other humans in their wilderness experiences.  She found a great fit for this as a field mentor at Elements in 2017. She also worked as a backpacking instructor for the Colorado Outward Bound School. She enjoys all of the personal challenges and growth that come with working in a wilderness environment and the ability to challenge others in their personal growth. Sarah enjoys working with the Adventure Programming Department because she is now able to share her love of rock climbing and adventure with clients.

On her off time, you will find Sarah wandering and playing in the mountains and deserts, rock climbing, traveling, and dabbling in botany.