Megan M

Group Lead

Growing up in a suburb of Houston, Megan spent much of her childhood in dance studios and on the sandy, warm Gulf coast. In Megan’s early twenties, her passion for the outdoors bloomed when moving to central Texas. From the fresh spring-fed rivers of the hill country, to the wide-open desert land, Megan found joy in exploring the natural treasures around her, riding bikes, finding community and camping under the stars. 

After graduating with a BFA in Art, Megan spent the next two years pursuing Art Education and Guided Art Therapy. Her passion for being outside and cultivating human connection led Megan to start backpacking, working and learning from the people around her. This excitement carried Megan through many countries, like New Zealand and Central America. It was then that Megan crossed paths with several people who inspired her to take the step towards wilderness therapy. Megan cherishes the ways the wilderness has given her a new lens to view the world. She loves sharing her passion for self-development, creative expression and emotional growth with those around her.