James Seabrook, ACMHC


James grew up in the rural southwest corner of New Jersey. The countryside has always been a place where he felt he could find peace and quiet. It is a great place to reflect and get some perspective from the overwhelming stimulation of society. He grew up camping and hiking, and taking trips to the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest to hike, bike, climb and raft. As a teenager, James attended a wilderness therapy program and subsequently, a therapeutic boarding school in Utah. The experience was life-changing and inspired James to help facilitate this intervention for other young people and families in need. 

To this end, James attended Syracuse University and received a B.A. in Psychology/Philosophy. Afterwards, he moved to Utah to work as a field instructor for a wilderness program. He worked in the field for two years before taking brief positions at two different residential programs for adolescents in Utah, and then returned to school to study mental health counseling at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. During his training, he completed two internships, one year as an intern wilderness therapist, and one year as a counselor in a private psychiatric practice. James plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology in the coming years.

Simply put, James works in this field because he believes in it. Wilderness therapy is the most compelling intervention he has encountered for young people struggling to self-actualize. Spending time in the wilderness is unlike treatment in any other setting. There are no distractions, just time to reflect, assess and process the issues at hand. It is a quiet place to regain control of your life.

Aside from spending time in the wilderness, James enjoys snowboarding, playing music (guitar, drums, turntables) and hanging out with his giant dog. Creative and artistic expression are fundamentally important to him, and he is always looking for ways to create art in his life. He's also an avid reader and world traveller.