Madison S

Advanced Lead & Adventure Programming Instructor

Madison’s passion for the outdoors was forged at an early age—he grew up swimming in Alaskan glacial runoff, sea kayaking in British Columbia, and cross country skiing in the Colorado backcountry. His yearning for outdoor adventure has manifested in adulthood by traipsing about New Zealand, skiing in the North Cascades, climbing in Argentina, and exploring the natural wonders of Utah. He is excited to share his deep belief in the outdoors as a space for both fun and growth. Madison's sense of place is strongly tied to the wilderness, which has served both as a home and work place since graduating with a degree in Geography from Middlebury College in 2015; his background working as a wildland firefighter across the western US re-affirms his belief in the importance of nature’s role in one’s personal journey. He values movement and mindfulness, and he comes to Traverse with an earnest, hardworking attitude, willingness to listen, and open mind.