Sarah R

Group Lead

Sarah grew up in a suburb of San Francisco with a heart for adventure. She discovered her passion for the transformational powers of the outdoors when she took part in an ice climbing trip at Trinity College (CT). Sarah completed her college education at University of San Diego where she developed her interests in rock climbing, brains, and the outdoors. After graduating in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience, Sarah studied the brains of toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a clinical neuroimaging research laboratory. Additionally, she worked as an outdoor education instructor and challenge course facilitator.  

Sarah finds wilderness therapy to be a calling that merges her love for the outdoors and her passion for understanding and cultivating the human experience. Sarah has witnessed and experienced the transformative, unifying, and healing powers of nature through both her personal and professional lives. She is dedicated to empowering human potential through wilderness experiences.