Adventure Therapy

We are fortunate to operate in one of the most beautiful field areas in the country. Our field not only offers some of the best hiking and backpacking available, it also affords us beautiful climbing, rappelling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and canyoneering spots. Many of these adventure sites are all accessible right within the clients hiking itineraries. Occassionally, we will transport clients to an adventure experience outside, when the distance is too far to hike or the activity is not available in our field area.

Adventure Programming is a powerful way to put the life skills you are learning into action, all while helping you learn how much more capable you are than you had previously thought. Adventure days are a short-term goal for the group to strive towards, as their week has to go smoothly in order to get to the next adventure site. Each adventure activity is facilitated and managed by an Adventure Programming Specialist, who is highly trained and certified in the technical skills and risk management.