Wilderness Therapy: Individual & Group

Therapy For The Individual

By the time most of our clients get to us, they and their families have tried everything imaginable. Accordingly, the majority of our clients have seen a therapist back home. So one might ask, how could this possibly be different? At Elements Traverse, our therapists go out to the field to meet our clients in their world. Out here, therapy is virtually unrecognizable to our clients who had previously trained themselves to sit tight and nod their heads for 50 minutes before they could go back to doing what they wanted. Now, our clients are engaging in a new and different way, with no walls, no clock, and only the rest of their lives to figure out. Our therapists are caring and experienced individuals who are skilled at calling it like they see it. Wilderness therapy is hands-on, engaging, and collaborative, which gives us all the room we need in order to challenge them to live up to their potential. And at the heart of it all, it’s a conversation with a trusted mentor while sitting in a sunny spot under a tree.

Group Therapy

Each therapist is in charge of his or her own group, and is as interested in the group culture as they are in each individual’s progress. The two are intertwined. Group therapy sessions are run by the therapist twice weekly, and are touched upon in group settings (called focus groups and check-ins) multiple times each day by all the staff. Students learn to advocate for themselves and can call a group or check-in at any point. The group owns their therapy and each group recognizes quickly that the well-being of each individual is inextricable from the well-being of the whole.