Assessment in Wilderness Therapy

For all the powerful experiences during our clients' wilderness adventure therapy, our job is still not complete if we are not giving every stakeholder a clear assessment of what needs to happen next. Accordingly, each experience provides us with powerful information so that we can all come together to find the best steps into the future.

Families will touch upon this “big picture” assessment each step of the way, on each weekly call with the therapist. That way when the experience is drawing to a conclusion, there will be no surprises and plans can be developed collaboratively without added stress.

Assessment for the Client

As we see it, the Elements Traverse experience should also serve as the first step in our clients taking the reins over their own therapy and their own life. Our therapists want to bring each of our clients along for the assessment as much as it will be possible and beneficial for them. With heightened transparency and a chance for more effective and open communication, each member of the family can leave empowered to make things better as they move forward.